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Manufacturer of Custom Coated and Laminated Specialty Substrates for Printers, Packaging and Consumer Products

Paper Coater – Paper Coating Services

A Trusted name In The Paper Coating Process

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC is one of the most practiced and knowledgeable companies working in the paper coating field in America today. We have well over 20 years of hands-on experience and technological assets to achieve your contract manufacturing coating or roll to roll aqueous coating.

Over the course of time, we’ve developed a number of specific FDA approved coating surfaces that meet the specialized requirements of our many customers. They can be made in accordance with customers’ specific product formats, or we are more than capable of offering our own raw material product design suggestions. These specialty substrates and coatings for paper combine to form the following industrial coating services:

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  • Adhesive coatings
  • Custom coatings
  • FDA approved coatings
  • Heat seal coatings
  • Print receptive coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Silicone coatings
  • Customer coating development or formulation
  • Roll to Roll aqueous coating
  • Roll to Roll Hot melt coating

Sierra® remains at the forefront of the paper coating industry, helping to make the newest print technology possible by supplying timely and cost effective solutions to industrial printers and packagers. We look forward to hearing from customers both new, past, and recent about what paper coating services we can offer them today. For more information about Sierra®, please contact us at or call us today at 920-983-8008.

Product Development

Expand your product line and grow your business with product development support from Sierra Coating Technologies. Sierra provides development services and trial coating services to shorten product development time to market.

  • We have a proven development process with systems for research, testing and approval.
  • We’ll share our ideas to help you develop your intellectual property. Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Our production equipment and technical resources are available to meet your demanding development and travel schedules.

The goal is to develop a product that can be manufactured to defined quality specifications in a repeatable and economically viable process.

Product development stages

  • Product options, material definitions and vendor identification.
  • Cost analysis for material and production options.
  • Small trial runs on production equipment to define coating method, quality specifications and production speed.
  • Formal quotation and quantity price breakdown.
  • Production ramp-up trials to create sales samples and test final converting and packaging.

Toll Coating

Toll coating or contract manufacturing can take many forms.

Sierra’s customers rely on our equipment and systems to manufacture their product.

  • Customers often manufacture or use large amounts of one of the raw materials and want to supply that item.
  • Customers develop their own coatings or formulas that Sierra applies.
  • To meet very competitive price points products are supplied to reduce additional markups on raw materials.
  • This allows customers to purchase raw materials at volume pricing or produce their own goods. Sierra® takes no markup on supplied material.

The goal is the same: to make a product at the correct economic price point to be successful.

Our customers may also choose to have Sierra supply raw material and manage the logistics of supply and inventory.


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