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Metalized Film to Board Lamination Boosts Product Visibility

Sierra Coating metalized film to board lamination
MET-PET Helps Brand Managers Develop Attractive Packaging

Catching the consumer’s eye on crowded store shelves with a memorable look that conveys quality is the goal of every brand manager. Sierra Coating Technologies LLC, a Wisconsin-based coater laminator, supplies printers with packaging stock that helps their customers’ products shine.

Sierra uses metalized film to board lamination (MET-PET) technology that helps brands leverage the high-profile packaging that on-shelf advertising offers.

“Our metalized film to board lamination products help brand managers differentiate the shelf appeal of their products,” says Paul Smale, national sales director at Sierra Coating Technologies. “We are a great partner for printers that need to provide a cost-effective way for brands to tip the visual scales in their favor.”

MET-PET Packaging Stands Out From the Crowd

Sierra has developed a silver folding carton grade made with MET-PET film laminated to SBS board stock. This film proves an exceptionally high surface shine and lamination quality.

Metalized film to board lamination gives packaging stock a unique look that brands and printers often use in making folding cartons for retail packages. Board thicknesses can range from 8-point to 24-point, that is sheeted to size.

“All of our products are made to order, and we also work with stocking distributors to provide ready inventory for their customers,” notes Smale. “Our focus is on delivering high-quality products on time and at a good price.”

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