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Blister Packs: A Great Choice for Packaging

As important as products can be to consumers and manufactures, sometimes the packaging can be just as vital. Without proper and secure packaging, products can be stolen, tampered with or contaminated before they get into the hands of consumers.

No matter what side of the market you’re on, producer or purchaser, damaged products equate to bad business. So many costs are already involved in the production and distribution of products, and consumers expect to receive functional products—why should both parties end up spending more in the long run?

There are numerous options for packaging, but blister packs many times are a superior choice for your products.

What are Blister Packs?

You might not be familiar with the name, but you’ve surely seen blister packs on store shelves. Blister packs are a type of plastic packaging commonly used for different consumer and pharmaceutical goods; a “blister” is a plastic shell that was thermoformed or plastic molded, then it is adhered to a paperboard or foil—blisters can also be bonded alone, which are called clamshell enclosures.

Blister packs protect products against varying environmental changes and shipping damage—while providing aesthetic value. Blister packs are often paired with custom designs to entice passersby.

Advantages of Blister Packs

Using blister packs offers several benefits to manufacturers and consumers, which include:

  • Product protection. As mentioned, blister packs act as a barrier between your product and outside elements. The weather isn’t the only thing capable of damaging your product; before getting into the hands of consumers, products can experience all kinds of impact or possible contamination. If you’re buying medicine, be aware that the slightest impurity can make you seriously ill—blister packs can help keep you healthy.
  • Blister pharmaceutical packagingEvidence of tampering. Products are individually sealed in blister packs, and the packs are designed to be torn in order to reach the product inside. Some blister packaging uses tamper-proof mechanisms and due to this, blister packs can quickly and easily inform consumers if their product has been mishandled or previously opened. Thanks to blister packs, consumers know when to stay away from potentially unsafe products.
  • Versatility of Use. Blister packs can also be child resistant—these packs use a paper or film layer with a peelable adhesive that must be removed before reaching a product. Some blister packs, such as those made with 15-mil polyvinyl chloride, provide another layer of protection to products; blister packs made of harder substances with bitter-tasting coatings help deter children from chewing on them.

Blister packs are designed for high-speed production and high versatility. Blister packs are useful in various applications, and are often the most cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and safest option to package different products.

Thinking blister pack packaging might be the appropriate solution for your product? Sierra Coating Technologies can help. We have years of experience formulating and applying heat seal and heat activated adhesive coatings, many used in the blister pack process. Learn more about our adhesive coating services on our made to order page, and please feel free to contact us anytime. > July 17, 2024 > Total pages: 1