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Eco Friendly Packaging & Poly Replacements

As more brands seek to adopt environmentally conscious practices, the demand for eco friendly packaging increases. Poly replacement coatings for food packaging have historically been more expensive than standard poly materials.

Bridging the Gap Between Cost and Performance

The team at Sierra Coating aims to bridge the gap between cost and performance. Though the cost of poly replacements, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) replacements, and other eco friendly coatings are steadily decreasing, we’re working to hasten that process. Chemical experts at Sierra are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide a wide range of eco friendly solutions by sourcing coatings and substrates to replace plastic in packaging.

Over the years, our team has orchestrated and contributed to a number of environmentally friendly packaging development projects, working with the nation’s leading chemical companies to deliver eco friendly coating solutions.

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The Sustainable Packaging Movement

Driven largely by the desires of consumers and major retailers, the packaging industry has been moving toward sustainable options. Gaining momentum over the years, eco friendly efforts increased dramatically when the largest retailer in the world created an environmental impact scorecard for product packaging.

Types of Eco Friendly Packaging

There a variety of ways to create an eco friendly package. Below are some common methods:

  • Utilize recycled materials to create the package
  • Manufacture a package that can be recycled
  • Construct a compostable package
  • Develop a biodegradable package

Why Recyclable Plastics Don’t Always Work

A recyclable package can be reprocessed back into the work stream. Plastics are generally all recyclable, but several limiting factors must be taken into consideration. For example, not every county or municipality has the proper recycling laws or infrastructure to support certain types of plastic recycling. And when they do, recycling can be difficult to enforce.

Municipalities also have varying restrictions on what is recyclable – some municipalities won’t accept plastics that are soiled in any way, which food packaging almost always is; some recycle limited types of plastics; and some restrict what can be recycled based on their size or shape. These restrictions and challenges make paper-based packages with water-based, food-safe coatings attractive alternatives.

Sierra: A Culture of Innovation

Sierra Coating Technologies is proud to nurture a culture of innovation, which acts as the foundation of our business. Interested in learning how to make your packaging eco friendly? Contact our product experts today. > July 17, 2024 > Total pages: 1