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Sierra Coating Helps Brand Owners Shine

Establishing a Distinctive Brand with Packaging

When it comes to creating and marketing a new product, brand owners must factor various considerations. Even at the rudimentary level, entrepreneurs need their product to be fully functional, serve a meaningful purpose to consumers, and help establish a distinctive brand within a heavily saturated market.

A highly effective method for establishing your brand is utilizing top-quality packaging. Many brand owners focus more on other aspects of product development, but this is a critical mistake. In addition to safeguarding products from damage, packaging entices potential customers to learn more about the product—this promotes brand recognition, which in turn leads to future sales.Brand bulb

Stand Out on Retail Shelves

At Sierra Coating, we understand the importance of exceptional product packaging—there’s no better way to accentuate the hard work accomplished by brand owners. To teach you the benefits of this practice, our team has created a new eBook titled Helping Brand Owners Shine: The Silver Box Advantage.

This free-to-download resource provides a detailed overview on the value of packaging, and why it should never be overlooked by any brand owner.

First impressions are vital to future product success.

According to extensive market research, 31% of consumers feel packaging influences their overall product satisfaction and 37% of consumers admitted to never trying a product due to lackluster packaging. When you choose a packaging solution from our company, we can assure that your product will turn heads.

When reading the eBook, you’ll become familiar with Sierra Coating’s innovative silver folding carton grade made with Metalized Polyester (MET-PET) film. MET-PET is a brilliantly lustrous silver film that can be laminated and permanently adhered to SBS board stock; utilizing this material will instantly elevate your brand recognition, as the glistening finish simply cannot be ignored or forgotten by consumers.

Establishing your brand can be difficult, but Sierra Coating’s MET-PET packaging film will provide a professional edge over several other brand owners. Learn more by obtaining your free copy of Helping Brand Owners Shine: The Silver Box Advantage today.

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