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Eco Friendly Food Packaging

The Challenges of Creating Eco Friendly Food Packaging

Creating high-quality, environmentally friendly food packaging is a unique challenge. To qualify as eco friendly, a product must be compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, or a combination of the three; and it must be so without sacrificing any of the food-protection properties that plastic offers. Finding this balance between sustainability and practicality can be challenging for brand owners and commercial printers.

An eco friendly food package can be created using recyclable materials. These materials include paper and water-based coatings. Our team of chemists have researched, sourced, and tested a variety of recyclable, water-based coatings that provide similar properties to those found in poly.

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Eco-Friendly-Food-PackagingWhat Solution Do You Need for Your Food Package?

Our eco friendly coatings feature properties that are often required for food packaging. These properties can be combined based on your food product requirements:

  • Compliance with FDA guidelines
  • Water resistance
  • Suitable moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) permeability
  • Grease and oil resistance
  • Heat stability
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Non-stick, easy release
  • Chemical inertness

Eco Friendly Options

An eco friendly package is often something that is compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, or a combination of the three. When choosing between the three options, it’s important to consider the probably disposal method of your consumers.

Compostable packaging decomposes under controlled environmental conditions. The environmental impact of compostable packaging is often limited by the availability of a local compost facility. In contrast, biodegradable packaging does not require a controlled environment to break down. Technically, everything can be considered biodegradable with time. Often exaggerated and not standardized, biodegradability has become more of a marketing term for brand owners.

Among all of the options, recyclable packaging is the most environmentally friendly option. There are two ways to create an eco friendly packaging through recycling:

  1. Create a package using recycled materials
  2. Manufacture a package that is recyclable

Common Food Packaging Applications

Our chemists developed environmentally conscious, food-grade paper for several major food packaging suppliers. Designed for use with dry, frozen, and bakery foods; these packages not only protect the food, but also have optimal printing properties for commercial printers. For food packages that require water or grease resistance, our chemists have sourced water-based, poly replacement coatings that act as sustainable barriers to make the food package.

Custom Solutions, Standardized Production

Sierra Coating specializes in creating custom solutions to meet our clients’ eco friendly packaging needs. While providing custom, personalized solutions, we have also developed standardized production processes to ensure high-quality, reliable results. Our facility meets Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), Six Sigma guidelines, and passed national food safety audits.

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