At Sierra Coating Technologies, our equipment is specialized for exacting applications. Our commitment is to apply coatings to meet product specific coating weights with the best tolerances. This means that Sierra® has different coating methods to suit individual coating and application coating needs.

We can accommodate a wide range of material, from .48 gauge films and nonwovens to heavyweight papers and liner board up to 40 pt. board.

Sierra® provides comprehensive coating and lamination solutions using three coater/laminators. Two coaters are equipped with flotation drying and can perform laminations before or after the drying ovens and hot melt coating line.


One of the basic questions we receive is: Does Sierra have enough capacity for our project?

Sierra runs its business with very large amounts of excess machine capacity.

This is intentional for a number of reasons:

  • To provide the level of customer service required by making a number of branded products
  • To provide capacity for new products and filling supply chains at start up
  • To have back up if one machine were to need repair

Sierra’s business it to provide capital equipment and labor on a variable cost basis to make customer product to high quality standards within defined delivery periods.

Coater Capacity:

Sierra has three coaters. At a standard average speed the Sierra facility can process at current staffing over 800 million square feet of product annually. With increases in staffing to work a 7-day schedule, the facility can process approximately 1.6 billion square feet of product.

Equipment Specifications

Wide Web Machines –Two 62″ wide web coater/ laminators

Designed for low to high-coat weight production.

Coating Methods

62″ Coating and Laminating – Gravure

  • Direct reverse gravure
  • Offset gravure
  • Slot die
  • Offset pattern
  • One color offset print
  • Pan with trailing blade
  • Pan with roll coating
  • Coating weights from 0.10 lb per 3,000 sq ft
  • Thirteen sizes of gravure cylinders
  • Run viscosities from 20 to 1,000 cps

Drying Method

62” Coating – Slot Die

  • Two zone flotation
  • Two 20 foot drying zones
  • Temperature range of 120°F to 425°F
  • Computer controlled tension zones
  • Coating weights from 1.0 lb per 3,000 sq ft
  • Run viscosities from 200 to 5,000 cps

Machine Raw Material Sizes

  • Width on – 15” to 62″ raw roll stock
  • Up to 60″ outside diameter rolls on and off
  • 3″ to 12″ cores on and off

Hot Melt Coating & Laminating

Coater / laminator at 47″ width

Designed for low to medium-coat weight production of hot melt barriers and adhesives.

  • Offset gravure
  • Width on – 15” to 47″ raw roll stock
  • Up to 50″ outside diameter rolls on and off
  • 3″ to 12″ cores on and off
  • Thermoplastic coating melting point of up to 300° F
  • Viscosity – 500 cps to 5,000 cps at operating temperature

Converting Capabilities

  • Slitting and rewinding
  • Two slitter rewinders
  • Lightweights to board weights
  • Center wind
  • Cut width from 2″ to 62″
  • Cores 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 12 inches
  • Contracted slitting of narrower widths

Contracted Sheeting & Printing

  • Sierra® will contract sheeting of finished goods
  • Printing can be arranged as pre-printed or post-printed rolls


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