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Heat Seal: Labels & Lidding

Optimizing the Coating Adhesive

Sierra Coating’s unique coating processes allow us to offer an excellent range of adhesives in order to create optimal packaging solutions. The objective is to optimize the coating adhesive for our customer’s specific process, rather than rely on the customer to optimize their process based on standard poly coatings. The overall purpose of the process is to maximize effectiveness on your machinery.

Heat Seal & Lidding Adhesives for Packaging

Heat seal and lidding adhesives for packaging can be supplied from a number of chemical companies with very different attributes. To select the best adhesive for your application, it is important to consider both the end use and the converting machine process that makes the final seal.

The specific type of adhesive selected for a project is important because the substrate to which the adhesive is applied is most often different than the substrate with which it needs to bond.

In order to determine the proper heat seal and lidding adhesive for your project, a Sierra® representative will work through the intended packing applications for your material. Understanding your equipment is also critical. In addition to the proper activation temperature for a given adhesive, considerations such as the amount of pressure being applied at the temperature required to complete the seal, and the dwell time (the duration of time that the heat will be applied to the adhesive), both of which are factors determined by your equipment and processes, will have an impact on the types of adhesives our team will recommend.

Determining the right adhesive is as important for your equipment as it is for your packaging application — utilizing the correct adhesive will ensure that your equipment remains highly functional while producing quality packages.

Food Grade Adhesives

The important adhesive selection process, for many packaging applications, includes meeting the food guidelines of the FDA. Equipped with years of industry knowledge, our in-house chemists are available to assist customers when choosing the right adhesive products. Sierra Coating Technologies has identified adhesives that work with multiple substrates, and our equipment can coat light to heavy weight papers and films.

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