Over-Laminating Film for Printed Cards

Credit Card Over-Laminating Film

Sierra® has introduced a new over- laminating film for printed credit cards, retail gift cards, and identification cards.

Credit card over-laminating film is most commonly a clear, ridged polyvinyl chloride film measuring 2 millimeters thick. The over-laminating film is adhered to the printed surface by a heat-activated adhesive that bonds to the printed surface of the card.

Our over-laminating film for printed cards has a number of desirable properties, including:Printing machine detail of laminator

  • Excellent adhesion to vinyl and foil cards printed with conventional lithographic inks
  • Superior high gloss clarity finish
  • Precise coat weight control and uniformity across the web
  • UV resistance
  • Excellent water resistance

It is available in master rolls, slit rolls, or custom-sized sheets, with available thicknesses of 2 millimeters.

A Better Supply Chain

The majority of the current market is supplied by films imported from Asia, resulting in large blanket orders and long lead times for card printers; the industry needed a supplier with a better supply chain. Sierra’s business approach involved using North American film and manufacturing on a regular, consistent schedule, allowing customers to order to their current demand, not basing orders on a forecast.

This change in supply chain meant that Sierra had to qualify new films and adhesives with customer’s inks and laminating systems. With the help of industry partners, Sierra tested adhesives and verified that the coated film functioned successfully when utilized at customer sites. Final testing conducted by a contracted independent testing laboratory also confirmed this success and product reliability.

Testing Processes

Though an over-laminating film may seem simple to some, the product designers and chemists at Sierra put a great deal of effort into testing the efficacy of the film for credit cards prior to its use.

After selecting a laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation, we had the laboratory technicians perform additional tests for three particular standards:

  • ANSI/INCITS 322:2008 Section 5.3
  • ISO/IEC 7810 Section 8.8
  • ISO/IEC 10373-1 Section 5.3

Section 5.3 of ANSI/INCITS 322:2008 sets standards for the performance of card protecting films after being cut, In the tests, applied films are cut in a crosshatch pattern before testing their continued adhesion. ISO/IEC 7810 Section 8.8 and ISO/IEC 10373-1 Section 5.3 set out guidelines for the peel strength of films applied to ID cards.

Sierra applies the same level of care and attention to detail to every project that we undertake. An experienced team of highly skilled experts, quality assurance procedures, and independent third-party testing laboratories contribute to the consistent quality of our products.

This dedication to quality is applied to technologically complex coatings and laminations, as well as to products that seem simple to many, such as thermally activated over-laminating films.

To learn more about our thermally activated over-laminating film for printed plastic cards, or about the steps we take to maintain the high quality of our products, contact us today.


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