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Laminated and Coated Film, Paper or Nonwoven

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC customers have come to appreciate the level of expertise and professionalism we’ve developed in creating new substrates by laminating and coating. With over 20 years of product development expertise, we have worked on variations of thousands of products. Sierra® staff has experience combining many types of film, nonwoven and/or paper. They are skilled at finding combinations that perform at high standards while being economically viable to support our customers’ profits and growth.

Sierra features an environment of knowledge and highly-specialized machinery that can accommodate a wide range of materials, from thin films, nonwoven and heavyweight papers to liner boards up to 40-point.

Our technical staff includes experts who know the machinery and substrates, but also have broad backgrounds in coating and chemicals. This robust knowledge allows Sierra to shorten the development process by avoiding processes with least chance of success.

Sierra provides comprehensive lamination solutions using three coater/laminators. Two coaters are equipped with flotation dryers and can perform laminations before or after the drying oven process. The third coating line uses hot melt adhesive coating.DSC_0111

Advantages and capabilities of Sierra’s permanent lamination services:

  • Water-based, solventless or hot melt coatings
  • Coating add-ons with optimized coating weights and optimal run speeds
  • Wide range material capacity from 20 inches to 62 inches wide

Sierra’s extensive overall experience includes paper and film laminating, coating and related services:

  • Laminating services
    • Laminating services for nonwoven
    • Plastic laminating
    • Laminated paperboard
  • Web coating services
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Product development
  • Toll manufacturing coatings
  • Private labeling or contract packaging
  • Contract converting services

Sierra can also source or manage the converting of your product. We have many resources and converting partners that will take your product to a stage that is ready for your customer. These industry contacts and relationships can help further shorten the product development cycle. We make it easy to navigate the complicated process of product launch. After your product launch, we can assist with ensuring your supply chain operates smoothly so that your product can continue to succeed and grow. > August 4, 2020 > Total pages: 1