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Paper & Paperboard Lamination

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC offers expert paper laminating for Made to Order products. With our specially-designed machines and years of expertise making and qualifying your product can be done in a very short time period. Our services have been designed for paper mills, commercial printers, and distributors nationwide.

Sierra® provides comprehensive lamination solutions using highly specialized machinery including three coater/laminators. Two coaters are equipped with flotation dryers and can perform laminations before or after the drying oven process. Our third coating line applies hot melt adhesive coating.

With our wide web laminators and coaters, we can accommodate paper rolls up to 62 inches wide. We can also process laminated paper and paperboards to achieve calipers up to 40 point board. Our two-zone flotation drying method and superior automation system allows Sierra to coat and laminate your substrates quickly and cost-effectively. We work diligently to ensure that every product leaves our facility meeting or exceeding your industry’s quality standards and specifications.

Sierra provides great quality and is an excellent company to do product development with. They are a top supplier of ours.
—Paul, Fortune 100 Company

To achieve your desired finished product properties, we can laminate using the same substrates or duplex laminate different or multiple substrates. By carefully choosing substrates, we can produce materials that give printers, packagers, and converters a competitive advantage with their customers.

Sierra meticulously selects adhesives for wet or dry laminating of finished roll goods. We apply chemical coatings and adhesives from the industry’s top manufacturers for each lamination project.

With extensive experience in toll manufacturing of custom laminations, as well as our highly-specialized machinery, Sierra will help develop and private label your products to the highest standards in the industry. By understanding our clients’ needs, we are known as a steady, reliable, and highly flexible partner for paper and paperboard laminating services.

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