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Product Development

Developing new products is strategically important, time critical, and cost-sensitive. From the first contact, economic review, raw materials sourcing, and trial planning; moving the product idea to market at a pace that ensures the project is not forgotten is the key challenge.

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Toll & Contract Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing and contract manufacturing are two relatively similar forms of supply chain management that are often misunderstood and confused. While both of these manufacturing options have distinct and clear characteristics, their most strategic advantage is their ability to provide customers with valuable ways to save both time and capital on their product development.

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Toll & Contract Manufacturing plant

Sierra Products Made to Order

Utilizing a Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing process eliminates the need to hold onto stock inventory. To implement a JIT process, clients depend on partners who can respond in a time-sensitive manner to orders. This inventory strategy helps to reduce wasted materials and employ an efficient production process. When working with trusted supply chain partners, JIT manufacturers can achieve a truly variable cost model.

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Paper Tape

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