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Matte Laminate Paper

Matte Laminate Paper

At Sierra Coating Technologies, we strive to help our customers stand out. We have a team of highly skilled technical staff who are experts in laminating and coating. We are experienced in helping our customers find the right paper products for their business, seeking cost-effectiveness without compromising performance or high standards. Matte laminate paper is one of our product solutions.

The term “matte paper” is commonly used to refer to one of two different things: matte paper and matte film applied to paper. In the first case, the word “matte” is used to describe the low luster finish of colored ​paper or sheets with a very low gloss coating.

Common uses for matte laminate paper include retail signs, specialty and seasonal packaging, as well clothing tags and labels. The product is ideal for specialty applications and those that could benefit from a thicker paperweight. Depending on its intended use, matte laminate paper achieves one of several effects.

In construction paper, printed brochures, and tags, it lends a heftiness and distinctive feel. When used for retail signage, matte surfaces by their nature reduce or prevent glare against bright lights, helping customers navigate stores and find products easily. In packaging and labeling applications, matte laminate paper creates an image that stands out compared to the appearance of an image created by ultra-high gloss papers.
There are three ways to achieve a matte surface appearance. These methods include:

  • The most commonly used method is by adhering two rolls of matter paper together. The matte laminated paper created is used for everyday goods like product tags and cover-weight printing papers. This paper-to-paper lamination is a pre-printing process that creates stronger heavy weight papers.
  • A matte film is adhered to regular paper or film with an adhesive, often by heat-activation. Technically a post-printing over-lamination process, matte laminated paper made with film is commonly used for protecting banners and other retail signage.
  • Coated matte paper is created with chemical coating treatments in a pre-printing process. Coated matte paper is a popular product for labels and soft touch high-end packaging materials.

The lamination and coating experts at Sierra Coating Technologies have over 20 years of experience helping our customers succeed. Our technical staff will work with you to determine what kind of laminating service would be best for you.

Our company is a supplier of custom matte laminate paper for national paper brands and printing papers for national brands. Working with raw materials within your product design process, we can help create a lamination that will meet your specifications and brand’s image, adding growth to your product line and sales.

Custom matte laminate paper services are available for high-volume orders. To learn more about our custom laminating services, contact a Sierra Coating lamination specialist.

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