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Paper Coating for Packaging

Paper Coating for Packaging

The packaging field — the largest sector of the printing industry, with the greatest potential for growth — is rapidly evolving thanks to three major factors:

  1. The need for products to effectively self-promote on store shelves
  2. Consumers’ increasing demand for convenient goods
  3. And mounting environmental concerns

To package products in a way that will optimize sales, it’s important to partner with companies that can deliver innovative, reliable solutions suited to your specific needs.

RecyclingInnovations in Packaging

Many major brands have come to realize the importance of using quality packaging that helps to either control or change the public’s perception of their products. These brands are also focusing on shifting consumer demands, as sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions become more and more popular.

To stay relevant in today’s changing landscape, it’s important to find a packaging product supplier with a solid working knowledge of the ins and outs of supply chain navigation. Sierra’s packaging experts have a deep understanding of research and development, quality production, and supply chain management to help major brands with their packaging needs.

Committed to continuous improvement and innovation, we source and apply paper coatings that improve the value of the package. With years of experience coating paper and paperboard, we produce products that boost both functional performance and customer’s market share, while also meeting benchmarks for environmental sustainability.

Working with Sierra

Sierra can help with packaging solutions across industries, including blister coatings and film lamination, and can partner with your team to design and build special paperboard that suits your specific needs.

We’ve also developed extensive expertise in food packaging solutions, which, to be successful, must focus on customer perception as much as product protection. Shifts in consumer demand, for instance, are leading to an increase in smaller, fresher, single-serving sizes, as well as ready-to-eat and microwave-ready food.

Sierra’s specialty barrier and release coatings food packaging products can help your company create high-quality paper and paperboard packaging that sells as well as it protects.

To learn more about our coatings for packaging, navigate to the type of packaging you’re looking for using the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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