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Sierra Products Made to Order

Sierra Products Made to Order

Reducing Inventory with JIT Manufacturing

Utilizing a Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing process eliminates the need to hold onto stock inventory. To implement a JIT process, clients depend on partners who can respond in a time-sensitive manner to orders. This inventory strategy helps to reduce wasted materials and employ an efficient production process. When working with trusted supply chain partners, JIT manufacturers can achieve a truly variable cost model.

Rolls of TapeAccommodating Seasonality in Production

Employing a contract or toll manufacturer for seasonal or limited-time production runs eliminates the overhead costs of under-utilized capital equipment. Instead, a contracted manufacturer will supply the facility, equipment, and experts needed for operations, along with providing expertise for sourcing raw materials.

Whether your product is seasonal or is in limited-time supply, JIT production provides the optimal inventory strategy. By employing a contract manufacturer who specializes in JIT production, clients reduce the risk and costs associated with building a new facility and holding stock inventory.

Raw Material Planning

The key component to JIT production is response time. When receiving raw materials, it is crucial that all trusted supplying partners respond accordingly to ensure that production timelines are met; to prepare for this process, partners plan ahead.

Raw material planning includes planning order and delivery timelines, as well as checking that delivery times align with equipment and staff availability. Manufacturers often analyze trends in high-volume orders to help anticipate production cycles.

The Sierra® Advantage for JIT Manufacturers

Sierra’s expert staff includes two in-house chemists available to help source, lab test, and qualify chemicals, papers, films, and nonwovens. The Sierra team specializes in raw material planning and logistics, working months in advance to plan production orders.

Sierra has developed high-quality, made-to-order products for commercial printers and brand owners for more than 20 years. By combining the right equipment, coating methods, and raw materials; Sierra has become a trusted supply chain partner.

As a trusted toll and contract manufacturer, Sierra has experience assisting teams with sourcing cost-effective materials for custom product developments. During the sourcing process, Sierra can test materials on production equipment to ensure that the materials will provide optimal performance.

Featured Service: Adhesive Coating

Among our available coating and lamination services, our most commonly requested made to order service is adhesive coating. Sierra’s adhesive coatings can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Heat-activated adhesives
  • Heat seal adhesives
  • Laminating adhesives
  • Adhesive labels
  • Packaging cohesive materials
  • Paper or film tapes
  • Customer coating development
  • Blister pack adhesives

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