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Digital & Ink Jet Coatings

Digital & Ink Jet Coatings

Print & Digital Print Coating Treatments

Originally a coater of carbonless paper and inkjet papers, Sierra now manufactures products in 18 unique market segments.

Private Label Inkjet Paper

Sierra has produced private label inkjet paper since 1996, working with partners to develop products for the end consumer. As a contract manufacturer, Sierra manufactures many types and targeted applications of specialty inkjet paper.
As printers move to new digital technologies, treatments are needed for very specific base papers. Often these papers do not justify the added cost of a coating station for their digital press. This is where Sierra comes in — we can treat base papers to fill out a product offering that would not otherwise justify the capital of an in-house coating operation.

Digital HP Indigo Printers

Sierra is a paper and film coater for the high-speed HP® Indigo printers. Our coaters apply recommended primer coatings that increase printer performance and have passed multiple certifications for use in HP Indigo equipment. For more information about this project, visit our “Projects” section.

Print Primers and Treatments

The treatment of roll-to-roll web products for printing stock has always been one of Sierra Coating’s leading offerings. There are so many papers and films that need treatments and primers to meet the quality and printability of major customers.
Some coatings are just decoration while others have functions, like opacity or abrasion resistance. The function of a coating is important to the end-use and generally is not available in paper straight off of the machine. With years of innovative trials, Sierra has a complete portfolio of options that can create a real advantage for digital printers.
Sierra applies coatings to create high-performance substrates. We engineer custom materials by coating and laminating a variety of films, papers, and synthetic materials while meeting your high-performance specifications.
We can help you develop coated substrates with properties and functions such as:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Adhesives
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-skid/anti-slip
  • Barrier
  • Chemical resistance
  • Packaging cohesive materials
  • Decoration
  • Flame retardant
  • Hard coats
  • Heat seal
  • Opaque/opacity
  • Print receptive
  • Silicone release
  • Slip
  • Paper or film tapes

Coatings include aqueous coatings, 100% solids, hot melt, solvent-less, waterborne, and color concentrates. Let us help you with your paper coating needs today — contact Sierra Coating to learn more.

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