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Food Grade Packaging & Labels

Food Grade Packaging & Labels

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC has been a key supplier of coated paper for food packaging for many leading food brands. With FDA-approved coatings and quality specifications that meet stringent food grade standards, Sierra® has produced barrier coated paper that lets packaging printers supply major consumer brands. With the ability to coat many new chemistries, we have helped food package printers create a competitive advantage for themselves and their customers.

From heavyweight box laminations to lightweight barrier wraps, to contract coating that’s made-to-order, Sierra’s wide web coating and laminating equipment has a proven record of success.

Food PackagingWhether your application requires an aqueous or solventless roll-to-roll coating with flotation drying, or if you need hot melt coatings, we have reliable, successful solutions for treating food packaging paper and films.

Paper coating technology has evolved from poly and wax coating to a wide selection of chemistries that allow us to achieve targeted product specifications. By carefully choosing raw materials, Sierra can create protective coatings, barriers for MVTR or O2, heat seal or silicone-coated packaging and label printing papers.

Whether you’re in printing for food processing, food packaging or food services, Sierra has you covered. Our packaging materials and services stand the test of time, year after year, for both new and returning customers.

Sierra food packaging and overall packaging materials services:

  • Compliance with FDA CFR 21
  • Barrier packaging with high MVTR and oxygen barrier
  • Specialty packaging for boxes of gift food items
  • Coating for paper converters that include slip sheets and silicone release for food
  • Coated paper for headers of bags with heat seal coating
  • Holographic film laminated to paper board for food service items
  • Laminated paper with barrier coatings for commercial food service items

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