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Anti-Skid or Anti-Slip Papers

Anti-Skid or Anti-Slip Papers

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC developed this lightweight, anti-slip tray liner to prevent plates and glasses from sliding during food service — it securely holds items on trays held at up to 40° angles, minimizing spillage and breakage. It is also printable to serve as a decorative element or promotional opportunity for the customer.

Our product development team chose 35 lb bond paper to use for this application based on its low cost, printability, and easy-to-coat properties. We tested a number of different coatings from a variety of vendors, and applied each to the paper in various weight formulations and with several different application patterns.

The tray liners produced from these trial runs were slide tested to evaluate their performance as well as print tested to assess the overall look and resolution.

Successful runs were further analyzed for material usage and speed of production to ensure a low overall cost for the product while still maintaining high quality. This anti-skid tray liner was delivered in 60” rolls, slit in 19.5” intervals, and packaged as a master roll with headers and plastic wrap.

Anti-Slip PapersSierra® Coating is ready to manufacture anti-slip tray liners to meet the needs of your application. Coatings can be formulated based on application needs, and we can also custom cut sheets to your desired size and package them according to your needs.

To learn more about this project, read below, or contact Sierra Coating to learn how our anti-slip/anti-skid papers can help you with your application.

Anti-Skid or Anti-Slip Papers Project Highlights

Product Name Anti-Skid or Anti-Slip papers
Product Description Light weight papers with or without a pattern coating of anti-skid
Coatings are soft as measured by a low t sub g standard
Product is used for tray liners in the food service industry to prevent plates and glasses from sliding during food service
Project Scope Find correct coating and pattern to meet a 40 degree slip angle
Maintain printability of tray liner after coating is applied
Development Work Test a number of coatings from different vendors
Test patterns of application
Lower overall cost of product by reducing waste and speed of production
Testing Needed Meet slide testing on standard test
Print test of coated product for look and resolution
Trial Costs Set for multiple tests of coating
Test of 3 coating plates to achieve the best pattern
Raw Material Costs Paper cost controlled by customer
Chemical for testing supplied by Sierra
Shipping Cost Shipping arranged by customer
Capabilities Applied/Processes of
Aqueous Coatings in Roll to Roll Process
Gravure application to cut rubber roll to create pattern
Tightest Tolerance Minimum slide angle of hold of 30 degrees
Material Type Paper 35 lbs. bond at 3000 sq. ft. ream
Material Thickness Coating specification of 0.3 lbs. dry for pattern coat
Product Length Roll supplied at 2400 lbs.
Product Width Production widths from 60 inches
Rolls slit to width of 19.5 inches wide
Temperature Range Flotation Drying with Temperature settings 240˚ F
Material Finish Product defined to specific target
Achieved by variations in coating and coating weights
Packaging Standard is master roll with headers and plastic wrap
Special Features Product can be pre- or post-printed
Secondary Operations Applied Custom sheets to size, prints and packaging
Industry for Use Majority of work goes on to be printed
Food Service
Volume Minimum volume production 20,000 lbs. per run
Delivery Time 80,000 lbs. raw paper received for inventory
Product is made in two patterns and released 20,000 lbs. per order
Delivery Location Product is shipped from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Standards Met (Customer Supplied Print,
ISO, ASTM, etc…)
Products are made to customer supplied specifications
Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)

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