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Custom Permanent Laminations

Custom Permanent Laminations

For products and packages that are required to meet special standards and conditions to operate correctly, we have special-use lamination services available. Our team of paper experts carefully qualifies each of our substrates to ensure that we are giving our customers the competitive edge to stay ahead in their industry.

Common Special-Use Lamination Products

  • Laminated cards
  • Indoor/outdoor tags
  • Folding cartons
  • Set-up boxes
  • Paper plates
  • Tear-resistant blister cards

For more information about our coating, laminating and related services, contact Sierra today.

Multi-Material Laminations

Our specialized machinery can accommodate a wide range of materials — from thin films, nonwovens, and heavyweight papers to liner boards of up to 40 point.

Our expert staff has a deep understanding of the machinery and substrates used in our processes and come from diverse backgrounds in the coating and chemical industries.

With decades of product development expertise as a contract and toll manufacturer, Sierra is an expert in combining materials that reliably perform to the high-quality standards of the market.

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The Sierra Advantage

Sierra is proud to offer a wide range of services to meet our clients’ diverse needs, including:

  • Water-based, solvent-less adhesives
  • Coating add-ons with optimized coating weights and optimal run speeds
  • Glue matching to base papers to prevent blistering or curl
  • Wide range of materials, from 18-pound papers to 40-point paperboard made in widths ranging from 27 inches to 62 inches

For more information about our coating and laminating capabilities and other related services, contact Sierra today.

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