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Sierra Products Made to Order

Utilizing a Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing process eliminates the need to hold onto stock inventory. To implement a JIT process, clients depend on partners who can respond in a time-sensitive manner to orders. This inventory strategy helps to reduce wasted materials and employ an efficient production process. When working with trusted supply chain partners, JIT manufacturers can achieve a truly variable cost model.


Metalized Film to Board Lamination

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC manufactures silver folding carton grades made with Metalized Polyester (MET-PET) film laminated to SBS board stock. This film provides exceptionally high surface shine and lamination quality.

Metalized Polyester (MET-PET) film box

Custom Permanent Laminations

For products and packages that are required to meet special standards and conditions to operate correctly, we have special-use lamination services available. Our team of paper experts carefully qualifies each of our substrates to ensure that we are giving our customers the competitive edge to stay ahead in their industry.

Custom Lamination

Block-Out and Color Adhesives

Though primarily used to bond two or more layers of paper (or another substrate) in a lamination, adhesives are sometimes required to serve other purposes as well. A common example is packaging and products that require extra security or opacity.


Alternatives for Laminate Paper

Laminations can be used in a variety of applications, often for functional purposes, to make a sheet of paper thicker and stronger. Laminations can also be used to create a specialty product, providing a combination of paper properties to create a new category of product.

Alternative Lamination

Cost of Laminate Paper

Paper lamination is a process by which two rolls of paper are laminated together with a bonding adhesive — a process that was historically called “pasting.” Typically, the cost of paper accounts for roughly 60 to 70 percent of all final costs. At Sierra Coating, we will help find the paper resources needed to create stunning products within your budget that meet your brand image and standards.


Matte Laminate Paper

At Sierra Coating Technologies, we strive to help our customers stand out. We have a team of highly skilled technical staff who are experts in laminating and coating. We are experienced in helping our customers find the right paper products for their business, seeking cost-effectiveness without compromising performance or high standards. Matte laminate paper is one of our product solutions.

Worker Preparing Large White Papers for Print at the Printing Machine

Mylar Laminate Paper

Mylar is a highly specialized type of stretched polyester film that is reflective and fairly impermeable. Mylar’s unique characteristics include electrical insulation, heat resistance, and chemical stability. Additionally, its high tensile strength makes it resistant to both punctures and tears.

Dog food bag

Spray Lamination for Paper

Lamination is the process of combining layers of two or more substrates with a specific bonding agent. Many types of laminating processes are available for both small and large scale applications. Spray lamination is one such process.

Spray Lamination

What is the Best Laminate Paper

The common perception of lamination starts and stops with the type of plastic lamination film that you would typically see on a driver’s license or a restaurant menu. This type of lamination — which we call “over lamination”— represents only a tiny fraction of the types of laminations that can be created. 

Cupcake papers