Eco Friendly Food Packaging & Poly Replacements

As more brands seek to adopt environmentally conscious practices, the demand for eco friendly packaging increases. Over the years, our team has orchestrated and contributed to a number of environmentally friendly packaging development projects, working with the nation’s leading chemical companies to deliver eco friendly coating solutions.

Eco Friendly Plates and Utensils

Barrier Coating for Food Packaging

To ensure the safety, quality, and protect consumers’ health, food packaging must be reliable and consumer friendly. For a paper-based food packaging product to be successful, it must be coated to perform additional functions.  The most common functions of coatings are barrier or release.

High Barrier Coated Paper for Dry Food Packaging

Food Grade Packaging & Labels

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC has been a key supplier of coated paper for food packaging for many leading food brands. With FDA-approved coatings and quality specifications that meet stringent food grade standards, Sierra® has produced barrier coated paper that lets packaging printers supply major consumer brands.

Food Packaging

High Barrier Coated Paper for Dry Food Packaging

Moisture control is crucial in food packaging — you either want to keep the moisture inside or outside of the packaging to preserve the food.

High Barrier Coated Paper for Dry Food Packaging – Tea Pouch