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It can be difficult for brands to find high-quality partners for specialty products, an issue that can be compounded by the tight turnaround times dictated by new market opportunities or uncertainty of sales potential.

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC has the equipment and expertise to make your products, no matter how unique.

Specialty Products with Sierra

At our recently expanded facility, Sierra maintains a range of innovative, wide web coating and laminating machines, which provide us with extensive capabilities. We can produce specialty products in well over 700 different product configurations and with more than 50 functional coating segments, and we are always working to develop more.

With such a wide range of capabilities, and the invaluable experience and deep product knowledge that can only come from over 20 years of dedicated research and development efforts, Sierra has made unique specialty products for paper mills, printers, brand owners, and distributors.

One of the ways that Sierra has facilitated working with brand owners on fast turnaround product qualifications is by streamlining the product definition and qualification processes.

We continually conduct on-machine testing of lamination and coating solutions, which allows us to quickly and easily recommend and qualify the best solution for any given product. Our expert team can evaluate, understand, and quote projects at a pace that can help any sales opportunity become a success.

For projects that require a more in-depth development process, Sierra can work with you through all stages, including the substrate and chemical testing. We have played an instrumental role in hundreds of development projects, expanding our role from service provider to valued expert.

Contract Manufacturing

The advantage of contract manufacturing for specialty products and new products is the true variable cost of production. Oftentimes, specialty products and new products have a seasonal demand or unknown market potential. By utilizing a contract manufacturer, such as Sierra Coating, as an integrated supplier, products can be brought to market faster without the need for fixed overhead or capital equipment costs. If you are looking to replace a vendor, improve a product, or break into a new market, Sierra can offer solutions that work. Contact us today to learn more.

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