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To ensure optimal quality for every customer, we work with state-of-the-art, automated machinery and high-quality coatings. The following list details our primary equipment, raw materials we work with, and the various coating and lamination products we often manufacture.



Sierra Coating Technologies LLC has been a trusted manufacturing partner for over 20 years. From the start, we base our decisions on making quality product that protects our customers’ brands. We invest in laminating and coating equipment that produces highly consistent quality coated and laminated products.

Worker Preparing Large White Papers for Print at the Printing Machine


A client from the consumer product industry approached Sierra Coating Technologies LLC to develop, manufacture, coat, and package a cosmetic grade dry wipe with a fragrance infused soap coating. The client came to Sierra® because their current vendor did not have the proper equipment to meet their quality and yield needs.

Dry facial wipes coated

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