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Metalized Film to Board Lamination

Metalized Film to Board LaminationSierra Coating Technologies LLC manufactures a silver folding carton grades made with Metalized Polyester (MET-PET) film laminated to SBS board stock. This film provides exceptionally high surface shine and lamination quality.

Silver and metallic finishes are associated with premium products; by using Met -Pet lamination brand owners simply add perceived value over standard folding carton. The small increase in per package material costs can pay dividends by positively impact brand perception and increasing overall product profitability.

If you’d like to learn more about Sierra Coating’s silver MET-PET packaging film, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Additionally, we invite any interested consumers to request sample products.

Silver MET-PET Product Specifications

  • Bright metallized polyester film with permanent adhesion to SBS board
  • Film has been print tested: Flexo, Offset and UV
  • Laminated to the coated side of C1S SBS board
  • Board thickness can range from 8pt to 24pt (0.008” to 0.024”)
  • Sold in rolls up to 60” wide and 60” in diameter
  • Can be sheeted to size
  • All products are made to order

Metalized Film to Board Lamination Project Highlights

Product NameMetalized film-to-board lamination
MET-PET to SBS board for printing and Folding cartons
Product DescriptionPolyester film with silver metalized coating permanently laminated to 16 pt. SBS board
Testing NeededTesting of print surface by customer
Qualification OrdersQualification orders billed at reduced prices
Production QuotePrices quoted on three volumes each had separate price breaks and delivery times
Shipping CostShipping arranged by customer
Material TypeFilm 48 gauge with sputtered aluminum high shine coating
Material ThicknessPaper 16 pt.
Film 48g
Finished lamination 16.5 pt.
Product LengthProduction order of 2.5 million feet
Product WidthProduction widths from 19 inches to 33 inches
Material FinishProduct defined finish unscratched shiny silver
PackagingStandard is master roll with headers and plastic wrap
Secondary Operations AppliedCustom slit rolls to size and packaging
Industry for UseMajority of work goes on to be printed
Food packaging
Consumer products