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Dry Wipes & Nonwoven Wipers

Over the course of many years, Sierra Coating Technologies has developed the ability to design, test, and manufacture high-quality nonwoven dry wipes.

Our expertise in dry wipe production allows us to meet a wide range of standards, guidelines, and requirements maintained by a number of organizations.

Sierra® has particular expertise in coating nonwoven and cosmetic dry wipes. In fact, we have one of the industry’s highest levels of add-on control during production, with superior command in controlling the moisture-to-product ratio.

Core of the Process

Our dedicated team of experts can usher your project from the conception stage to the production process and straight through to the marketplace. This process begins with development and design.

While some clients come to us already knowing the fabric or coating they’ll need for their project, many others do not. Using your specifications — including material preferences, vendor branding, cost constraints, and other product considerations — we work toward developing the best dry wipe to meet your project needs.

To do so, our design team will test a number of nonwoven materials, coatings, and coating methods, as well as different combinations of the three, until we find a solution that best meets your application. We can even adjust our manufacturing process for your dry wipe or nonwoven wiper if adjustments are required to increase efficiency or meet particular industry standards.

The product development team at Sierra Coating Technologies, which includes highly knowledgeable chemists and lamination experts, follows a five-step development process guaranteed to provide the results you need:

  1. Define and identify materials, product options, and vendors
  2. Provide cost analysis for material and production options
  3. Perform trial runs on equipment in order to identify the ideal coating method, production speed, and quality specifications
  4. Provide formal quotation and quantity price breakdown
  5. Ramp-up production from trial run to pilot program, creating sales samples and testing final products

Work with Sierra Coating

Sierra Coating Technologies has the skills and expertise to lead your nonwoven dry wipe project from original idea to full-scale production. Our extensive background can be applied to almost any dry wipe or treated wipers, including those meant for applications ranging from delicate cosmetic wipes to heavy duty industrial products.

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