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Heat Seals for Packaging

The packaging field — the largest sector of the printing industry, with the greatest potential for growth — is rapidly evolving thanks to three major factors:

  1. The need for products to effectively self-promote on store shelves
  2. Consumers’ increasing demand for convenient goods
  3. Mounting environmental concerns

To package products in a way that will optimize sales, it’s important to partner with companies that can deliver innovative, reliable solutions suited to your specific needs.

Working with Sierra

Sierra can help with packaging solutions across industries, including Heat Seal and Blister coatings, and can partner with your team to design and build special paperboard that suits your specific needs.

Custom Solutions, Standardized Production

Sierra specializes in creating custom solutions to meet our clients’ ecofriendly packaging needs. While providing custom, personalized solutions, we have also developed standardized production processes to ensure high-quality, reliable results. Our facility meets Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), and Six Sigma guidelines, and passed national food safety audits.

Contact our product experts to learn how Sierra can help with your sustainability goals.