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Product Development

Developing new products is strategically important, time critical, and cost-sensitive. From the first contact, economic review, raw materials sourcing, and trial planning; moving the product idea to market at a pace that ensures the project is not forgotten is the key challenge.

Sierra Coating Technologies’ product development service is a proven process. When our clients face unique challenges, the Sierra team is available to provide exemplary service to help expedite the development process.

The details matter during the product’s first-run manufacturing process, which is why Sierra offers trial runs on production equipment as part of the product development service to ensure a cost-effective and timely production run for high-volume orders.

DecorativeProduct Development Stages

At Sierra, our manufacturing process, for both existing and new products, is a robust one crafted with years of experience. It starts with product assessment and process reviews, quality testing on production equipment, and ends with high-volume production runs. Steps of our process that are particularly pertinent to the development of new products include:

  • Product options, material definitions, and vendor identification
  • Cost analysis for material and production options
  • Trial runs on production equipment to define coating method, quality specifications, and production speed
  • Formal quotation and quantity price breakdown
  • Production ramp-up trials to create sales samples
  • Final converting and packaging tests

DecorativeProduct Development

Sierra has been instrumental in hundreds of development projects over the years, extending beyond the role of a service provider and serving as a valued expert. Utilizing our years of experience, the Sierra team can help guide development projects away from dead ends and help efficiently manage program details that would otherwise slow down new products.

Our wide web coating and laminating technologies as well as our expert technical staff will help define, source, and test your new products. From initial contact, the Sierra staff can answer your questions and define a path forward in your product development. We offer nearly unlimited combinations of coatings and laminations, and we take the time to determine the material compatibility to fit your budget, time constraints, and industry-specific needs.

We certainly strive to move products from idea to market in the shortest time possible, while ensuring we complete the necessary steps to give your product the greatest chance to succeed in the marketplace.

Our comprehensive and proven development process includes all needed documentation, from product specification to certificates of analysis to lot tracking. We’ll share our ideas to help you develop your intellectual property.

Our goal is to develop a product that can be manufactured to the defined quality specifications in a repeatable and economically viable process.
Expand your product line and grow your business with product development support from Sierra. For more information about our outstanding product development services, or to discuss an upcoming project, contact Sierra today.