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Block-Out and Color Adhesives

Though primarily used to bond two or more layers of paper (or another substrate) in a lamination, adhesives are sometimes required to serve other purposes as well. A common example is packaging and products that require extra security or opacity. Sierra can add colors, including black (for a block-out adhesive), to all of our standard adhesives to add a layer of security.

Sale SignageCommon Uses of Block-Out Adhesives

By combining a specific paper caliper with black glue, we can make products, such as:

  • Retail aisle banners
  • Playing and trading cards
  • Large-format signs

Black glue has been used for years to prevent backside print from showing through in bright lighting. This type of block-out glue was originally used for playing cards to prevent players from seeing their opponents’ cards. Today, printers most commonly use black-colored block-out adhesives for aisle banners and window signs to prevent the backside image from showing through.

Color Adhesives for Security Applications

Colored glues are frequently used to safeguard against counterfeit tickets. Sierra has experience manufacturing the following color adhesive products:

  • Ticket stocks, for counterfeit protection
  • Retail tags, for branding and brand verification
  • Shipping labels, for opacity and tamper detection/prevention
  • Aisle banners
  • Playing cards
  • Security tickets

Besides increasing the opacity of paper products, colored glue is also used in laminations to help reduce fraud in labeling. By matching the brand color, colored glue works as a discreet indicator of a legitimate brand tag — employees and consumers alike can look at the edge of a label to verify the adhesive color of the tag and, therefore, the brand itself.

Choosing the Right Materials

Sierra meticulously selects adhesives for the wet or dry laminating of finished roll goods, working closely with our clients to choose materials that will best suit their final application. Permanent adhesives are fully dried to create a bond that causes fiber tear if unwanted separation is attempted, and the moisture level of the finished lamination is controlled to ensure even coverage.

With extensive experience toll manufacturing custom laminations, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, dependable service as an industry-leading paper and paperboard lamination specialist. To learn more, contact our team today.