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Frozen Pizza Labels

Pizza Label Paper

Product Code: 11-034

Product Description

Substrate60 lbs. Gloss Pizza Label Base
CoatingBackside treated with POLY03
ComplianceFDA-Approved, Direct Food Contact
Basis Weight Finished58-60 lbs./ream at 3000 sq. ft.

Product Specifications

Basis Weight656466

Pounds per ream

(500 sheets 25” x 38” 3300 sq ft)

Caliper* T 411
MD Tensile*333036Pounds per inchTAPPI T 494
CD Tensile*201822Pounds per inchTAPPI T 494
MD Tear Strength*444048GramsTAPPI T 414
CD Tear Strength*504654GramsTAPPI T 414
75° Gloss*70n/an/aGloss unitsTAPPI T 480

Note: The information contained in this data sheet is believed to be true and accurate.  Sierra® Coating Technologies reserves the right to change specifications at any time.

* Information provided by base sheet manufacturer.

Face stock:

Coat base is designed for offset printing technologies.  The coating is excellent for EDP and barcode applications


Poly 03 is an FDA approved barrier coating suitable for direct food contact applications. Poly 03 will provide pinhole-free barrier protection for grease, moisture, and water on paper and paperboard substrates.

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