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Cost of Laminate Paper

Paper lamination is a process by which two rolls of paper are laminated together with a bonding adhesive — a process that was historically called “pasting.” Typically, the cost of paper accounts for roughly 60 to 70 percent of all final costs. At Sierra Coating, we will help find the paper resources needed to create stunning products within your budget that meet your brand image and standards. We strive to ensure that our customers have access to the most convenient and effective trials when developing products.

Raw Materials Affecting Costs

The overall cost will depend on the specific factors of the lamination project. The cost of paper lamination is primarily determined by the following raw materials used:

  • Paper: Paper is the main factor in the cost of paper lamination, accounting for about 60 to 70 percent of the final cost. The cost of paper can vary dramatically, from roughly $40 to $150 per CWT (100 pounds). When determining what types of paper to laminate, it is important to define the outer and inner product attributes. The outer surface is often the printing surface and requires a printer-friendly surface.
  • Adhesives and Laminating Machines: Adhesives and laminating machine time together account for the remaining 30 to 40 percent of the final cost of a project. Adhesives are used to adhere the two sheets of paper together. The type of adhesive used depends on the types of paper that are being glued together. Every paper has different surface smoothness, binders, and absorbency that need to be considered when choosing an adhesive. At Sierra Coating, we offer a range of adhesives for paper and paperboard lamination, including water-based, solventless, and hot-melt adhesives. Sierra Coating builds quality products by selecting an adhesive that is optimized for the specific types of paper in the lamination.

Lamination Measurements

When considering the cost of paper lamination, it is also important to consider lamination measurements. Laminated paper is measured in mil thickness (0.001”, or one-thousandth of an inch), and each lamination layer will add a thickness to the paper. For example, when a paper machine makes a 6-mil paper for printing and would like to offer a 12-mil for a matching folder cover, lamination of the 6-mil will be the correct solution. The strength, durability and tear-resistance of a sheet of laminated paper are all directly related to its thickness, making specific product measurements an essential part of the lamination process.

Cost-Effective Paper Lamination by Sierra Coating

Sierra Coating proves a highly efficient, cost-effective process for paper lamination, including material identification, economic verification, quoting, and production. By combining the correct materials and controlling the adhesive used through process optimization, finished laminations are created to perform with the right value proposition for their intended market segments. We offer the highest quality paper lamination services backed by experience, knowledge, and expertise.