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Mylar Laminate Paper

Mylar is a highly specialized type of stretched polyester film that is reflective and fairly impermeable. Mylar’s unique characteristics include electrical insulation, heat resistance, and chemical stability. Additionally, its high tensile strength makes it resistant to both punctures and tears.

Because of its unique capabilities, Mylar is an expensive product that is mostly used for situations where a material or packaging must be impermeable to oxygen and other gases. Helium balloons, for example, are made from Mylar because of its impermeability, which allows for helium containment.

Contrary to popular belief, Mylar laminated paper is not a commonly used product. When people refer to “Mylar” in terms of laminated paper, true Mylar is not the product they are looking for. In reality, what they really want is metalized polyester, also known as MET-PET.

MET-PET at Sierra Coating

At Sierra Coating Technologies, we have over 20 years of experience providing our customers with economically viable products that perform at high standards. Our skilled technical staff and advanced production equipment offer a range of high-quality MET-PET film laminated papers. Sierra Coating experts will design a MET-PET lamination to meet your exact needs.

Oatmeal BagMET-PET: The Preferred Solution

Versatile and cost-effective, MET-PET is the industry’s preferred solution for creating a silvered, metallized effect. MET-PET paper’s metallized, shiny effect is both attractive and practical, as it is available at affordable prices. MET-PET paper offers a cost-effective way to create attractive product packaging guaranteed to get customers’ products noticed.

Many iconic American brands already use MET-PET laminates in their packaging materials. They have found them to be invaluable, noting that MET-PET packaging makes lasting impressions on their customers.

Our eBook, “Helping Brand Owners Shine: The Silver Box Advantage,” highlights several of the packaging and branding benefits that MET-PET has to offer.

Dog Food BagMET-PET is permanently adhered to a backer sheet, commonly solid bleached sulphate (SBS) board, when the laminate is meant for use as packaging material. SBS board is available in a range of thicknesses, from as thin as 7pt (0.007”) to as thick as 35pt (0.035”). Metalized polyester film is printable with some methods, however, many print processes benefit from laminates treated with a special clear coat designed to allow for the adhesion of printing ink.

MET-PET paper is sold in rolls up to 60” wide and 60” in diameter and can be sheeted to size. Beyond attractive packaging, MET-PET paper is also useful for making pocket folders, vitamin packets, and creating a barrier to oils in consumer boxes. There are few limits to the types of materials to which MET-PET film can be laminated to and the uses to which such laminations can be applied.

At Sierra Coating Technologies, our skilled technical staff will work with you to determine the type of lamination process that is best for your product. Our services include product development, contract manufacturing, private labeling, commercial printing, and packaging.

Contact us today to learn more about MET-PET and how it can be leveraged to help improve the quality of your brand.