Sierra Coating Technologies
Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Operations: 920-983-8000 Sales: 920-983-8008
The Right Equipment - A New Product Perspective - On Time Delivery
Manufacturer of Custom Coated and Laminated Specialty Substrates for Printers, Packaging and Consumer Products

Laminating and Coating Experts

Sierra© Coating Technologies is the contract manufacturer trusted nationwide for producing master rolls of materials from paper, paper boards, films and nonwoven materials. Our wide web coating and laminating equipment can apply coatings with a wide variety of specialty characteristics, for products ranging from laminated printing papers to food packages.

From Idea to Production Fast

Our years of experience and a proven process move your new product through the stages of development quickly and efficiently. Our production capabilities will meet your need for finished master rolls, converted rolls or sheets. With three coaters available, Sierra offers organized and efficient scheduling of production and trials.

Wide Web Laminations

  • • Make up to 60" diameter rolls
  • • Can run up to 40-point constructions
  • • Wet or dry lamination with flotation drying

Wide Web Coating

  • • From 20" to 62" wide
  • • Coating with Gravure, offset or slot die
  • • Multi-pass constructions

Paper or Film or Nonwoven

  • • Can run lightweight films and nonwovens
  • • Can run heavy-weight paper and paperboards
  • • Multi-material constructions and duplexing

Aqueous, Solventless or
Hot-melt Coatings

  • • Proven process for materials identification
  • • Proven process for economic verification and quoting
  • • Trials on production equipment

We Make the Difference

We manufacture specialty substrates up to 62 inches wide with low or high coat weights. Substrates are converted to small rolls, sheets, or finished master rolls.

Past Product Coating & Laminating Development Portfolio Gallery

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