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Toll Manufacturing versus Contract Manufacturing

Make PDFPrintToll manufacturing and contract manufacturing are two relatively similar forms of supply chain management that are often misunderstood and confused. While both of these manufacturing options have distinct and clear characteristics, their most  strategic advantage  is their ability to provide customers with valuable ways to save both time and capital on their product line […]


MFG Day – A Time to Celebrate Entrepreneurs

Make PDFPrintSierra Coating Supports MFG Day and the Innovators Making It Possible On October 2nd, 2015, we celebrate American entrepreneurship with National Manufacturing (MFG) Day. Manufacturers across the country will open their doors for tours and educational events to raise awareness of STEM education programs and celebrate progress made within the manufacturing industry. From new […]


Common Roadblocks in Product Development

Make PDFPrintIn today’s business world, new companies seem to sprout up all the time—and fade into obscurity just as quickly. While there isn’t a set roadmap that leads to success, it’s certainly helpful for companies to spend an appropriate amount of time conceptualizing their products. You’ve probably heard the saying “work smarter, not harder,” and […]


Sierra Coating Helps Brand Owners Shine

Make PDFPrintEstablishing a Distinctive Brand with Packaging When it comes to creating and marketing a new product, brand owners must factor various considerations. Even at the rudimentary level, entrepreneurs need their product to be fully functional, serve a meaningful purpose to consumers, and help establish a distinctive brand within a heavily saturated market. A highly […]


3 Ways Industries Are Using Paper Lamination

Make PDFPrintManufacturers have been using the process of lamination globally for over a century. One of the earliest variations of this process comes from the French chemist Edouard Benedictus. In 1903, Benedictus accidentally coated a glass flask with a plastic compound; when the flask fell to the ground, the chemist was shocked to see the […]


Energizer blister packaging

Rising Trends in the Blister Packaging Industry

Make PDFPrintThe U.S. packaging market has seen its share of difficulties in recent years—including high raw material costs and negative environmental impact—but trends on the horizon predict a brighter future for manufacturers, vendors, and consumers alike. The market is evolving rapidly, largely due to the increased usage of blister packaging throughout the country. Blister packs […]


Blister Packs: A Great Choice for Packaging

Make PDFPrintAs important as products can be to consumers and manufactures, sometimes the packaging can be just as vital. Without proper and secure packaging, products can be stolen, tampered with or contaminated before they get into the hands of consumers. No matter what side of the market you’re on, producer or purchaser, damaged products equate […]


The Rebirth of American Manufacturing

Make PDFPrintThe reshoring of America is underway and gaining momentum. According to a survey from the Boston Consulting Group, 38% of the American manufacturing executives they polled are in the process of moving production back or at least considering the move to the U.S.A. It was not too long ago that most manufacturers were touting […]


New product development

The Art of New Product Development

Make PDFPrintCreating, producing, and marketing an innovative and groundbreaking product is not an easy proposition. The pitfalls and risks are many and the costs can be great in terms of both time and money. Of course, succeeding means having a corner of the marketplace all to yourself, this can lead to profits and a boost […]