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Join Us at Lambeau for the 2016 Converters Expo

North America’s biggest packaging show is right around the corner. The 2016 Converters Expo will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 13th and 14th at the legendary Lambeau Field. Our Sierra Coating team will be at booth #A213, ready to welcome our old colleagues and connect with new show attendees. We are looking […]


Toll Manufacturing versus Contract Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing and contract manufacturing are two relatively similar forms of supply chain management that are often misunderstood and confused. While both of these manufacturing options have distinct and clear characteristics, their most  strategic advantage  is their ability to provide customers with valuable ways to save both time and capital on their product line development. […]


Sierra Coating Helps Brand Owners Shine

Establishing a Distinctive Brand with Packaging When it comes to creating and marketing a new product, brand owners must factor various considerations. Even at the rudimentary level, entrepreneurs need their product to be fully functional, serve a meaningful purpose to consumers, and help establish a distinctive brand within a heavily saturated market. A highly effective […]


Blister Packs: A Great Choice for Packaging

As important as products can be to consumers and manufactures, sometimes the packaging can be just as vital. Without proper and secure packaging, products can be stolen, tampered with or contaminated before they get into the hands of consumers. No matter what side of the market you’re on, producer or purchaser, damaged products equate to […]


The Rebirth of American Manufacturing

The reshoring of America is underway and gaining momentum. According to a survey from the Boston Consulting Group, 38% of the American manufacturing executives they polled are in the process of moving production back or at least considering the move to the U.S.A. It was not too long ago that most manufacturers were touting the […]

Hand with wet wipe cleaning table.

Nonwoven Wipes: Why Dry Is Better Than Wet

We’ve all reached into a bag, purse, or cabinet to grab a cleaning wipe. Whether you are taking make-up off, sanitizing your hands, or just cleaning up around the house, wipes come in all shapes and sizes and can be quite handy. Of course, if you use wipes, especially wet wipes, you are never quite […]