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Nonwoven Wipes: Why Dry Is Better Than Wet

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We’ve all reached into a bag, purse, or cabinet to grab a cleaning wipe. Whether you are taking make-up off, sanitizing your hands, or just cleaning up around the house, wipes come in all shapes and sizes and can be quite handy. Of course, if you use wipes, especially wet wipes, you are never quite sure if that wipe is going to be fresh or dried out.

When using wet wipes, this will always been a chance you have to take. Now imagine if you could do all of the tasks above, and never again have to worry about a bunch of expensive dried-out pieces of paper?hand with wet wipe cleaning table

That is when nonwoven dry wipes can save the day. At Sierra Coating, we are experts when it comes to the world of dry wipes.  Dry wipes are the same as nonwoven and added cleaning agent, just without the water and alcohol.  In most situations water available.  By removing the water during manufacturing and adding it back at point of use the dry wipe has some real advantages.

So why exactly should you choose nonwoven dry wipes? There are a number of innovative and cost effective reasons.

  • No water means  less expensive packaging
  • Alcohol-based wipes have a tendency to dry out with exposure or over time
  • A dry wipe  that is ready to wet  is lighter and easier to ship
  • You can put greater amounts of soap or cleaning  agent  in a controlled amount.
  • Consumers love them  as a convenient quick cleaning product.e
  • The dry wipe can be carried  anywhere.

For all of these reasons and many more, everyone at Sierra Coating firmly believes that nonwoven dry wipes are the future of the personal and industrial cleaning wipes industry.  If you want to learn more about how and why dry is better than wet in the world of wipes, please visit our website or contact one of our experts today.