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Treated Paper for the HP Indigo Digital Paper

Sierra Coating Technologies LLC developed a treating process specifically engineered to qualify various grades of paper for use with HP Indigo digital presses. Our customer was creating a branded line of these specialty papers. Rigorous testing was required to ensure that they had the right surface chemistry to provide trouble-free performance and produce high quality printed materials.

Using customer-supplied paper with basis weights ranging from 40–100 pound per ream, in roll lengths of 3,000-5,000 linear feet, and with variations in surface smoothness, we developed multiple tests — using gravure application and flotation drying methods – to determine the best coating dry weight and drying temperature for manufacturing the papers to meet the stringent HP requirements for Indigo press paper. Stain testing ensured that the coating was continuous and without skips while moisture analysis of the finished sheet verified the accuracy of the cure temperature. We also print tested multiple variations for each paper grade to assess the press productivity, ink adhesion, and color quality.

Beer Bottle LabelsWe currently follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) to produce these high-quality, high-performance papers consistently within the ±2% surface chemistry tolerances required by our customer. We supply master rolls, custom slit rolls, as well as custom cut sheet sizes within an average of 5 days from material delivery.

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Custom Coated Digital Printer Project Highlights

Product NameTreated Paper for the HP Indigo Digital Printer
Product DescriptionFine Paper from mill to be off line treated to be printed on HP Indigo printer
Project ScopeDevelop treating procedures to qualify different grades of paper for the use with HP Indigo printer
Development WorkQualification of equipment and facility to produce treated fine paper
Produce treated (coated) papers that will become branded grade line for use with HP Indigo printers
Testing NeededCoating to be continuous without skips – testing samples with off line stain test
Verification of cure temperature and finished moisture in sheet
Trial CostsSet for multiple tests of coating dry weight and drying temperature
Paper supplied and Coating time
Print testing of multiple variations for each paper grade
Raw Material CostsPaper cost controlled by customer
Chemical sourced and supplied Sierra
Shipping CostShipping arranged by Sierra and billed to customer