Blister & Heat Seal Coating

In today’s market, high-speed packaging is often synonymous with heat seal bonding, as packaging machines that are rated for high throughput with minimum downtime often use heat seals in lieu of on-machine gluing operations.

Sierra Coating Technologies is proud to be a leader in North American lamination, adhesive, and coating industries. Our heat seal and blister coating capabilities include:

  • Paperboard coatings for blister cards
  • Paper with heat seals for printed packaging
  • Coating papers to make tubs, cups, and cone jackets
  • Over-laminating films

Blister Cards to Reduce PVC Usage

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to the public, many consumers are looking to reduce their environmental impact by selecting eco-friendly packaging, and many major retailers are even implementing their own environmentally friendly packaging initiatives. Wal-Mart’s packaging scorecard program, for instance, encourages sustainability by rating suppliers’ eco-friendliness based on several specific metrics.

To meet this mounting demand for sustainable options, brand owners are turning to printers and packagers for environmentally friendly solutions such as blister packs, which feature higher paperboard content and reduced PVC plastic content. Sierra Coating has solutions for both double card and fold-over card blister packaging.

Innovations in Heat Seal Technology

In the spirit of constant innovation, Sierra Coating is dedicated to advancing and improving our adhesive and coating services. To ensure optimal contract manufacturing processes, we have sourced and tested the highest-quality heat seal chemical coatings available. Before on-machine production, we conduct thorough lab testing; to identify which coatings work best for specific projects; our experts carefully evaluate heat-seal-coated paper and paperboard on various packaging machines.

Food Containers

The high-speed forming equipment for food industry tubs, cups, and cone jackets generally relies on heat seals to finish the process, and many companies are replacing poly extrusion coatings with environmentally friendlier heat seal coatings. The water, oil, and grease resistance (WOGR) must first be analyzed, as well as the quality of the heat seal and ultimate environmental impact. Sierra Coating has spent years testing numerous coatings to ensure all products perform and function optimally in sensitive food applications.

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Since our founding in 1996, our dedicated team of engineers, researchers, and developers have worked tirelessly to find and develop the high-quality lamination, adhesive, and coating solutions that commercial printers require for their customers.

To learn more about Sierra Coating, contact us today or download our free eBook, “Critical Elements of Blister Packaging” to learn more about heat seal coatings.